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Are you looking for a rewarding, fast-paced always-changing environment, then you have come to right place.

Come join the O’Connor team where we DISTRIBUTE BEST IN CLASS SERVICE

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Core Values

At O’Connor Distributing we are driven by our CORE VALUES of Excellence, Humility, Integrity, Accountability, and Service-Customer Focused teamwork.


Excellence: The ability to consistently perform at a high level, to exceed expectations, and to achieve remarkable results. Excellence involves a continuous pursuit of improvement and embracing challenges. It is a mindset and a way of life that involves striving for greatness in all areas of one’s personal and professional life.

Humility:  The quality of being modest and having a modest opinion of oneself. This is shown by a willingness to listen to others, to learn from other’s perspectives and experiences, and to consider others’ opinions and ideas with an open mind.

Integrity:  The quality of being honest, truthful, and having strong moral principles while showing consistency in one’s words and actions and making a commitment to do what is right.  This is the foundation for building trust and credibility.

Accountability:  The obligation to accept responsibility for one’s actions and decisions, being answerable for one’s performance and the results achieved, and willingness to accept feedback and criticism in both successes and failures. It is the essential aspect of effective leadership.  It’s critical for our culture.

Service-Customer Focused:  Customer-focused service is an approach to providing service that places the needs, wants, and expectations of the customer at the center of all interactions.  It is demonstrated by active listening, clear communication, and going above and beyond in all service aspects.

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